About Us

International Sports Office is young, yet very well acknowledged in the football world.

At the beginning of 2022, ISO ranked 1st in football transfer market by closing one of the greatest deals in football history, when Dusan Vlahovic, a record holder for the most Serie A goals in one year, transferred from ACF Fiorentina to Juventus FC.

While focusing on interests of the players, the main goal of ISO is fast but steadily growth on a healthy base. Since its founding in 2015, one of the top priorities of the Agency is to work as a team and act as a family.

Always searching for the best, International Sports Office is striking for quality and perfection while putting players in the center. Offering full consultancy, in both professional and private field, is an added value in Agency’s leadership.

“The players we represent are not just clients. They are members of our family. “

Darko Ristic

Our Team

DARKO RISTIC was born on March 14th, 1985 in Belgrade and has been involved in football since early childhood, firstly as a football player and subsequently as someone interested in management.

He acquired his university education in Florence at the European School of Economics where he graduated at the Buckingham University in London. Darko received the title of Master of Management in Sport in Belgrade, at the Faculty of Sports.

His early career in football field started at FK Partizan Belgrade and FK Vozdovac.

Today, Darko Ristic is decision maker at the Agency. Following the consultations with his closest colleagues, he is the person giving the final opinion. Darko’s authority has never been obtained with strong language, only his knowledge. He is a person with perhaps the longest contact list in the football world.

Darko is fluent is several foreign languages.

DEJAN GRGIC was born on April 13th, 1982 in Belgrade, where he presently lives, married and a father of two children. He went to primary school “Kralj Petar Prvi” (former Braca Ribar) in Stari Grad municipality, continuing his education in Sports High School. His degree in operative management, Dejan acquired in Belgrade Business School. Shortly after, he continues his education at the Faculty of Sports, getting his degree in Sports Management.

The International Sports Office Agency, which he founded, is the best description and reflection of his personality. He formed a team of trusted members, where he is the support and backbone to everyone, especially to his partner Darko Ristic, decision maker, who is responsible for players and their transfers.

BORISAV DJOKIC was born on May 21st, 1985 in Belgrade, and today is a part of ISO team as recruitment manager and scout.

He is an expert in working with young football players, primarily in the domain of accepting healthy life choices and sports diet.

Borisav focuses primarily on the players’ character while making one of the most important parts of the Agency where he is significantly relied on thanks to his IT skills and abilities.

He speaks English and French.

OGNJEN IVANOVIC was born on November 19th, 1990 in Belgrade, and as a former professional athlete, Ognjen acquired a competitive spirit which he transferred to his education and later to his career as an agent. Ognjen earned his high school diploma in The Netherlands, later getting his Master degree in European Business Management at the European University in Belgrade.

A multilingual entrepreneur with a great network, who is dedicated to take his clients to the next level. He spent a significant part of his life living in the European North West. The Benelux countries and Scandinavia are especially familiar to him and he is responsible for the discovery and collaboration with many talented players including some of the stars of the Ajax Youth Academy.

NENAD BIZIC was born on August 12th, 1985 in Belgrade. He completed his primary and secondary education in Belgrade. He attended The First Belgrade School of Economics. Nenad has graduated from the Faculty of Sports Management.

In his childhood, Nenad was involved in football as a player. Over the years Nenad has been involved in the organisation of several football tournaments and charity sports events.

His passion for football later expanded to an in-depth grasp of the game, a detailed familiarity with teams and players and forming strong relationships with young players. He prioritizes creating an individual approach to each player focusing on nurturing the right mindset necessary for entering the world of professional football. Nenad successfully utilizes his considerable experience in looking for and recognizing new talent among football players.

He is currently the Head of Scouting at the International Sports Office.